Sweet 16 Cupcakes Birthday Greeting Card

Front Message: 16
Inside Message: May all your wishes come true today Happy 16th Birthday
Product Details
What could be sweeter than a 16th birthday? A 16th birthday…with cupcakes! This birthday card, exclusively from Papyrus, features a cake stand filled with decorative cupcakes, the top one announcing the big date in shimmering pink glitter! This handmade card is pretty from top to bottom, with shiny gems, fancy fabrics, and a variety of fun patterns, all in a color palette of soft pinks, creamy yellows, and icy blues. Tasty enough to eat! Give that special 16 year-old a gift that's almost as sweet as they are…only from Papyrus!
  • Share special birthday wishes with a milestone birthday card by Papyrus. Papyrus birthday cards offer premium style, unique quality embellishments and uplifiting wishes for anyone!
  • Envelope included
  • Extra postage may be required

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